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Attention vet practices paying for Rapport, AllyDVM, PetDesk, Pet Health Network Pro....

We Saved Veterinary Practices $1.2M + in 2022 With $99/mo Reminders -  it Could Not be Easier to Switch

For heavens sake it's the 21st century... all the reminders platforms have the SAME features. So why are you still paying high prices for your reminders software?

Groomed Dog

We Sync With Your PIMS


Do you find yourself with oodles of flex time, zero staff turn over, customers sending thank you cards and fruit baskets, all while making it out of the office at exactly 4:59 pm every day?

You're probably laughing now if you work at a vet practice.

The reality is, you're actually buried in... well everything. This leaves no time to focus on improving your workflows and discovering where you're Overspending. After all, that would just be another thing on your already overflowing plate. But there's a secret way to save money instantly with no additional effort.

$99 Reminders

Good veterinary reminder software NEEDS to do four things:

1. Automate appointment reminders based on appointment type...
2. Automate service reminders based on service...
3. Write back confirmations into your PIMS...
​4.Do the first three via SMS, email, auto-call, and postal...

Every vet reminders software does these 4 things...

Vet Hero does them for HALF the cost of the others

See how we've saved veterinary practices from needlessly spending $1.2M in 2023

"It's hard to believe last year we were spending $350 a month for the same services..."

-Colin B.

Cascade Veterinary Clinics

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